Curing the Putting Yips

By knowing what causes putting yips in the first place, you will better be able to understand how they can be cured. Although there are many psycho-psychological aspects of the yips, we will focus more on ways in which to make your game free of this nightmare.
 It is not an overstatement to call this experience a nightmare, as anyone who has ever needed a cure for the yips knows. Yips have been suffered by some of the best players of the game. It can be said that the yips have been the #1 reason for more players to leave the tour early than any other. 

An uncontrollable flinch or tremor in the hands, or yip, while trying to putt is the nature of this problem. The yips are often accompanied by self-talk, that seems to happen before they manifest in a player's stroke.

How do the Yips happen?

When poor putting and self-talk are combined, the psychological response is made in your hands. Most times your attention is misdirected. Trying to use over scientific analysis to explain things really doesn't help to understand how one is able to cure the yips.
Very poor putting, or the yips, are manifested by habituated internal responses from putting poorly. The yips are made worse by a fear of missing, your conscious or unconscious thinking that you will do poorly, or thinking too much about what will happen if you miss.
 Our feelings about poor putting in the past, and the way we feel about ourselves through self talk, come together to make a state of mind that allows the yips to take over.

When you can change what causes the yips, they will be forever gone.

 When you are able to fully understand the basic thought structure, you will be able to get a clear, laser like awareness about what has to be done in your game to stop the yips. What has to be done is the state of mind where you put yourself down has to be deconstructed, and your attention has to be free to think about a time when you did your best putting.
Believe it or not, this is easy to do. Developing your mental game through mastering your mind is the surest way to cure the yips, as well as solve any other problems with your game. Your experiences can be changed by following these tips.

You have to first change up the routine that you are accustomed to. This seems odd to tell a golfer, but it is certainly necessary in the putting stroke. The behavioral sequence that led to the yips being experienced has to be changed first and foremost. The pattern that made the yips possible has to be broken.

You can do this by standing behind your ball, keep an eye on the hole, see the line the ball will roll in, and see it go into the hole at the optimum speed. Get comfortable over the ball by getting into address position.

Think about the last time, no matter when it was, that a smooth putting stroke was made. You must feel, see, and hear all of these memories strongly. Take a few seconds to fully recall this memory. Make your stroke.

This process will of course need to be practiced while on the putting green before your rounds, or during times when you aren't standing over a important putt at the course.

Try this process for a while, a few rounds at least, and then you can begin to reincorporate your pre-putt routine adding these new things in.

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