Lower Golf Scores Fast Using Proper Putting Techniques

Regardless of your athletic ability you can easily cut the most strokes by applying effective putting fundamentals. You know what they say, drive for show put for dough. You hear it time and again by experts and golf professionals alike that the short game is the best way to lower your score, and putting is by far the easiest part of the short game to improve on if you want to post lower golf scores.

You don't have to be Tiger Woods to be a quality golf putter. All you need to do is ad sound setup principals to your putting practice sessions and you'll be on your way to being a first rate golf putter almost immediately.

As soon as you put your body in the proper alignment you will appreciate just how easy it is to produce a quality putting stroke and sink more putts. Implement these steps to help get your stroke back on track.

Eyes Directly Over The Ball

As you are standing behind your ball lining up your put you don't stand to the left or the right of the ball, you stand directly behind the ball to get a good view of your line. Same holds true for setting up over your ball to make a putt. You need to have your eyes directly over the ball to get the proper read on the line.

Set up to your ball and imagine a thread hanging from your nose to the ground. The location where the piece of string comes in contact with the ground is the place where the center of the ball should be. If your having a hard time visualizing this take a piece of string and actually tape it to the tip of your nose and cut it just long enough to touch the ground when you are in your putting stance. Making sure your eyes are over the ball puts you in position to get the put rolling on the intended line and gives your brain the best view to know what the proper line is.

Arms Hanging Naturally

To make a natural and smooth putting stroke you will want to have your arms hanging naturally from your shoulders in your setup. To find the right position take your putting stance with no putter in your hands and let your arms hang down at your sides letting gravity find the position your hands should be. One your hands find their position bring your hands together. This is the position your arms and hands should be to make a quality putting stroke. If you imagine the string hanging from your nose to the ground like in the first step your hands will be between that string and your body. You should never be reaching forward with your hands. If anything you will want to pull your hands closer to your body.

Keep Your Weight Centered

Keeping your weight centered is critical to allow your upper body to to be tension free and produce a comfortable stroke. To find your weight center try this drill. Stand as straight up as you can with your knees locked, feet shoulder with apart, hands naturally hanging at your side, and eyes straight ahead as if you were in front of a drill Sargent yelling in your face. Now imagine there is a line that starts in the center of your foot, goes up along side the center of your leg, thru the center of your hip, and up untill it exits the center of your head. This is your weight center line and it's good to have this visual for the next step.

Now standing in this setup position keep your knees locked making sure your hips, spine, and head are in a straight line and bend from the hip sockets pushing your rear end backwards behind your center line and letting your head naturally go forward in front of your center line. As you do this your head should be forward of your center line the same amount as your rear end is behind your center line putting you in a balanced position. Now slightly bend your knees and and rock your weight back and forth a little from your toes to your heels untill you feel a good weight balance in the center of your body. You can even try a little waggle lifting your right foot then your left foot a few times to find a good balance. Once you are in a balance position take a deep breath and focus on removing all your upper body muscle tension by making sure your upper body weight is all on your quad muscles. Your shoulder and upper body muscles should now be relaxed. You are now in a good position to make a quality golf putt.

Keep Your Head Still

Keeping your head still during your putt is a great way to be a more consistent putter. Once your are in a good set up position over your ball try to keep your eyes locked on the ball, your head perfectly still, and rock your shoulders backwards and forwards to control your stroke without your head moving. Imagine there is a stick going thru the top of your head, thru the center of your body, out your rear end, and stuck in the ground so all you can do is rotate your body during your stroke. You can't move your head up or down or side to side, only still as you rotate around the stick that is your center line.

Try keeping this mental image as you practice putting along with a balanced set up and you will see how much more comfortable it is to generate a natural stroke and only focus on evaluating the speed of the put instead of 50 various swing thoughts that may distract you. So put your eyes over the ball, your weight centered, hands hanging naturally near to your body, your head motionless, and begin sinking more puts and carding lower golf scores.

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